1018 Hawaiian Sea Shell Lei Featuring Cone Shells and Puka Shells

1018 Hawaiian Sea Shell Lei Featuring Cone Shells and Puka Shells


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Let us begin by saying we are very proud of each and every one of our sea shell leis and to us they are priceless. They represent love and aloha here in Hawaiian paradise.  They are all hand crafted one-of-a kind masterpieces made with with a huge archive of sea shells collected by our family throughout our life.  No words can express how much energy goes into the creation of each lei.  This has only been achieved as its our biggest passion in life.  We gather the majority of our shells from the North Shore of Oahu both beach combing and diving collecting only discarded shells and absolute NO live specimens are taken to preserve our ecosystem for future generations to come.  Each lei is made up of shells hand picked ensuring the best symmetry and flow of each piece.  Attention to the craftsmanship of our leis is something we pride ourselves on as artists. Sunrise Shells Hawaii strives in bringing you innovative cutting edge designs.  When you purchase one of our sea shell leis you will be receiving something that has been made by Hawaii and in Hawaii.  You will instantly feel the love and aloha that went into each creation with endless compliments to follow.

Sunrise Shells Hawaii will professionally package and ship your order via USPS priority mail and tracking information will be provided upon shipment.  We put pride into our customer service!  Aloha

This product pictured here is the exact shell lei that you will receive.

Check our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about materials, conservation and sustainability, shell quality, color accuracy in photos, and more.

Length: 21.5 inches
Size of Sunrise Shell from left to right: 32mm
Material of Clasp: Sterling Silver
Weight of Necklace:


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